Author: Robert Bagchi

New paper in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

New paper led by Riley Anderson out now in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.

We find that parasitism of dietary specialist caterpillars increases with patch size of forest fragments, but parasitism of dietary generalists is unaffected. Addtionally, dietary specialist caterpillars were more sensitive than dietary generalists to inter-annual variation in diet quality.

Lots of people contributed to this one, including two awesome undergrads from our lab, Nikki Pirtel and Christian Connors, and post-doc James Mickley – nice work guys! Thanks also to our collaborators in Mike Singer’s lab at Wesleyan – undergrad Nicole Dallar and grad student Riley Anderson.

Christian Connors in UConn today

Christian is interviewed about his work in the lab on how fragmentation affects parasitism rates of Connecticut Lepidoptera  – check it out here.  Christian has been working in the lab for two summers now, first as an NSF-REU in 2018 student and is funded by a SURF grant he obtained this year.

New paper by James Mickley et al on affordable weather stations.

Just out on Early View at Methods in Ecology and Evolution, a paper led by James Mickley outlining the design of an affordable envionmental microcontroller unit (EMU) that can measure and log several envioronmental variables. What’s more, the units can be constructed from easily sourced DIY electronics components that collectively cost about $20. James and the team has produced an extensive supplement detailing how to make the units and code to run them, which is available from the accompanying GitHub repository. Great work James!